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You Are the Christmas Star

“Let your light shine that they may see your good works and glorify your father who art in heaven.” 

I used to think this meant be nice and good and kind so that others will see God because of my good behavior. 

I now know that is basically another way of saying “be like this” so that others approve of you and God will too.

What a load of crap!

What it really means –

Let (allow) your (that would be my – specifically MY) light (the essence of my true being – who the eff I AM) shine. 

Allow ME to come through me. 

My light. 

No one else has it. 

And the same goes for you. 

“Let your light shine.”

Allow the real you to come through you. 

So often we cover up, diminish, hide, try to change who we are because we think that others won’t accept us or like us – for who we really are. 

And we often put God in this same category of judgment. 

Acchemm. Psst. 

You are the expression of Light (ie God). 

And God likes what makes you you – uniquely you (and so do we – we love it!)

“That they may see.”

For those who see already, they will rejoice to see your light shine because there is nothing more glorious than you fully and freely you, beloved. 

There is no one with your same radiance.  

For those who don’t see, they will rejoice to see your light because it awakens them to the light within them, their own God-given wonder and uniqueness. 

“And glorify your father who art in heaven.”

Rejoicing in the freedom and joy that comes from setting ourselves free to shine (revealing our true Self) and from setting others free from our judgments, causes us to glory in the design. 

Living a pseudo life in order to be accepted or to survive is hell on earth. 

And the kingdom of heaven…is within you, my friend.

Each and every one of you. 

So let it shine. 

We long to see your light, your beautiful audacious brilliance. 

And we celebrate you in your rising. 

To all my stars,

I love you dearly.