Confidence and Identity

The Substance of True Confidence

🔥There is tangible, palpable substance to true confidence.🔥

I know confidence like the back of my hand.

I eat, sleep, breathe that shit.

Confidence is one of those things you KNOW you possess on a gut level.

You don’t have to do anything special, dress/look/walk/talk a certain way.

It’s not something you have or do.


It’s unshakable, inexhaustible, undeterred – unfuckwithable.

When you walk confident AF it’s NOT something you put on like expensive clothes or get into like a flashy car.

And it’s definitely not how you walk. You know, the peacock strut. 🤢🙄


When you “put it on” as if it were an attitude, you will not have the gut KNOWING along with it.

Your gut will be eyes tightly shut hoping it works out for you and that no one sees through all the hype.

True confidence cannot be fabricated, articulated, or confiscated.


It’s not something you have — it’s who you are.

The notion of confidence we’ve been taught has been total BS. Taught by people who only learned/acquired behaviors that seemingly confident people would have/do. And they perfected the attitude, mannerisms and strut, passing it along to you.

Listen. That superficial type of confidence WORKS and CAN get you through a lot of situations and get you into into gigs and certain situations, but it CAN’T change your internal navigation.

You will still be lost in the jungle of who the fuck you are and why you the fuck you are here and if you don’t know those two, you won’t find the life you were meant to live or the love you were meant to feel.


The root of this superficial confidence is insecurity. (le duh)

The root of true confidence is IDENTITY. (selah)


If all you want is to make sure you can dictate, manipulate or circumnavigate in life in order to feel “secure.” Then sure.
You can get by with this outward in confidence.

But you’ll need to keep things moving just so in order to keep that feeling of security flowing. (In case you don’t know, true security doesn’t come from that either.)

But if what you want is to KNOW as deep down as your soul can go that you ARE more than enough, fully resourced, attractive AF, secure, safe, beautiful, desirable, powerful, influential, admired, loved, affecting major change for your own good and the good of others, etc —- then you need some internal rewiring…


These ideas of how you get the life you want while being the man or woman you want to be – need to be connected to a different source, a different story than the one you have now.

One that sets you free from the rat race.

One that sets you on fire – a blaze that cannot be quenched or contained. 🔥


Don’t you know that is who you ARE?!


You are incredible, truly, in every way.

You’ve wanted it to be true.

You’ve wanted others to see that about you.

But you, my love, must lead the way from the inside out, each and every day.

You must live connected to your heart, unafraid and unashamed – a light in the dark.


It’s time to break those chains of performance and walk no longer – dominant or dormant or doormat

You are glorious. It’s time you see it.

No one can reflect it back if you don’t first believe it.


Awaken my love.



When the real you arises, the ground will start a shaking.

And it’s then that you come to know who you are.
That your glorious light outshines all the stars.

But it can’t, it won’t until you own it – that you are more than enough from this very moment.


Hey – take a deep breath – breathe love in.

You are. You so are.


♥️ Always,