Men's Sexuality


We all have stories about sex. Some good. Some bad. Some ugly.

Can we just come out with one of them?

Men, if your lady isn’t interested in having sex with you…

if she does it in chore-like fashion…

if she is always giving you reasons why she doesn’t want to…(tired, busy, not feeling well, etc.)…

Flowers, cards, conversations, dates, etc. are not the answer – contrary to popular opinion on wooing a woman.

Now if you aren’t able to see the forest through the trees…maybe you do suck at this so-called connection aspect. But, I suspect it is more likely something much deeper – and yes deep is good…

It’s also most likely not that you can’t perform, or can’t perform well…Again, it is possible that you could use some help there too, but trust me, if you don’t get the main thing – you ain’t gonna get the main thing

…at least not early and often.

What woman desires to have sex with the guy that never/hardly ever gets any?? (FYI – that’s the story he lives in. tells himself. complains about.)

Look – it really comes down to vibration. No, not the toys you buy on your private window in an effort to liven things up. I’m talking about your vibration.

Basically, you vibrate energetically according to your deepest core beliefs. And if you believe underneath the bravado that you are not truly sexy, desirable, attractive, good enough in bed, etc. then…that is exactly what you’re sending out to your lady or the one you wish was yours.

If you don’t think you’re truly sexy, why would she? What high value woman desires to have sex with a man who isn’t attractive?

If you don’t think you’re truly desirable, why should she/would she desire you?

If you don’t believe you’re good enough in bed, then how do you think she will feel coming away from an encounter with you?

It’s no secret that she doesn’t technically need you to have an O. And truth be told, she wants and deserves smoking hot, memorable sex.

But, so do you…

Think about what you think about when it comes to taking action with sheet traction.

Are you wondering what she’s thinking…

trying to make the right moves…

come across a certain way…

‘give it to her’ with heat and passion?

Then you’ve got it wrong.

And trust me, if she’s at all spiritually aware and connected – she. will. notice.

What you want and she craves is you coming (wait not yet) at her with a deep seated connection to your own divine masculinity and identity.

If you know you are irresistible, she will too.

If you know you are attracting with high vibrations, she will literally turn on and whatever the previous excuses have been will vanish overnight.

A high vibe woman will be drawn to good vibrations.

So if you struggle with not feeling deeply sexy, attractive, desirable, then let’s deal with that first.

The rest cometh easily, but not too quickly okay?