Sexual Revolution,  Soul Sex

Sex and the Multidimensional Female

🔥What you need to know.🔥 This type of woman lives in the truth of who she is – confident AF/deeply aware of the higher plane of dwelling, what I affectionately call walking on stars…✨

There is something you NEED to understand about a woman connected to and living in the soul/spirit part of who she is rather than merely the body…

Having sex with her is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced IF you know the way to please her to connect to her – all of her.

You will KNOW when meet a woman like this because –

She feels like she is calling you to her body and soul.

She feels like a strange, inviting wind blowing straight through you, reminding you of what it feels like to be a MAN.

She feels like the most comforting place on earth in which to rest.

She feels like a fire of sexual passion that effects your body, but MORE THAN THAT your soul and heart are aflame with desire for her.

She speaks with wisdom like you’re never heard. She entices and tantalizes you with her words.

She is mysterious to you because she doesn’t show up or respond the way you’ve seen other women do.

She isn’t needy, but knows her needs are worthy.

She isn’t desperate or clingy or subservient.

She leads herself.

She is the most loving and safe woman you’ve ever met, and yet she scares the sh*t out of you.

You don’t quite know how to play her game of chess, but you want to learn.

You know she hides incredible treasure within her and you long to find your way to her reward.

She is wildly exciting, deeply profound, loving beyond this world and sexy AF.

Having sex with her is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced IF you know the way to please her.

NONE of your familiar moves will even register on her sexual barometer.

She needs to be touched in ways you’ve never even understood.

If your approach to her body is to activated her to pleasure (stimulating her erogenous zones) you will get no where in no time.

Her body works believe me it does, but if you want to impress her you will FAIL if you use this approach.

She will be thinking “ugh…he doesn’t get it. That isn’t what I want.”


She’s turned on – really turned on – by ONE thing.

Only one thing is needed.

This one thing is IRRESISTIBLE to her.

Even if she normally wouldn’t look your way, THIS will by pass all her brainwaves and she will be drawn to you like a bee to honey. 🍯

And she won’t know why.

Well, she will know why (she’ll recognize that you have it), but she won’t know why she can’t control her response.

It is a fierce pull that shuts down her usual defenses and she even LIKES the draw.

The vibrational frequency bypasses her body and mind and literally magnetizes her soul straight to you. And since she is led by her soul, her body will follow.

And this is exactly what you want.

This ONE thing is all you’ll ever need.

This is what makes you irresistible.
This is what makes you completely desirable.

She will melt in your presence.

She will let you in deeper than you’ve ever known possible.

She will lean back and let you love her.

And that’s what you want to do – love her, right?

So STOP trying to ignite her love her by being nice and accommodating and helpful.

That won’t turn her on either.

Do you know what IT is?