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Reminder: Attracting

My gorgeous heart centered men.

There are plenty of women attracted to you, but if you don’t believe you’re attracting them in your current state (looks, personality, finances, etc.) then you won’t see them.

And the ones you really want to want you can’t see you either because the real you is in hiding.

When super seer women do see your glorious qualities and feel your masculine energy (often happens when you weren’t expecting because you weren’t trying), they start to move towards you with behaviors eliciting attraction.

But if you self-doubt, you will eventually drive them away in order to reaffirm the belief – your belief – that you are not attracting in your current state.

Listen babe. You are basically rejecting yourself before they reject you in order to control the measure of potential pain because you feel out.of.control and super exposed when you’re exposed to their acceptance (which looks like a potential for rejection) of you.

But until YOU decide you ARE accepted (desirable, worthy, wanted) and therefore cannot be rejected…

you will be keep being “not the one” and so will they…


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