Private Consulting

Hello Love.

Your heart already knows much of the following, but to put words to what you’re sensing…

I interface with deep and dynamic men, facilitating their process of fulfillment through the identifying and clarifying of internal obstacles, which leads to breakthrough in my clients’ emotional, relational and spiritual lives. This naturally breathes new life and inspiration into their entire physical experience, including their body, relationships and business endeavors. In body, clients experience freedom, joy and wholeness that renews their love for life and passion for their relationships and life’s work. Their relationships are deeper and more meaningful than ever before. In business, momentum and accelerated results are their anticipated and measurable outcome.

I am an intimacy intuitive with a gift to see what is blocking you from within, creating all that frustration and causing you to feel hopelessly stuck. I help unravel the mysteries, bring light to the dark and liberate the soul. Your identity and innocence will be restored. You will regain your adventurous, inquisitive spirit and joy for life. You will shift from confusion to clarity. My presence heals hearts. Period.

My presence makes room for your deepest longings and desires, and your soul awakens. You will get crystal clear on what you want, what is holding you back and how to create the life you long for. Together you will disentangle from your past and illuminate the path within to the life you truly desire and deserve. You will also learn this process of illumination for yourself so that you will always know what you really want, what you must do to get there. When you break through, you will realize you never really needed me at all – that you have always held the power. I help guide clients home and they take it from there.

Together, we discover who you really are and have always truly been. As we uncover the thoughts you hold (are held by) about yourself, others (including God) and about life and how it works for you, you will begin to recognize internal obstacles. As long as you are fully present to the process, untangling and uprooting them does not have to be hard or a long process. You will experience new life, freeing you to see who you truly are and empowering you to be, do, have what you really want.

You will experience deep emotional and relational healing, as you are liberated from who you think you are and discover who you truly are. You will feel energized and alive like never before. You will feel whole and complete. You will be able to walk into your created future, no longer bound by your past.

Together we will traverse the deep uncharted waters. The darkness of the deep is not to be feared, for darkness hides the greatest treasures. 

We will courageously face what you may have long avoided, (because it appears threatening, overwhelming or scary), but this time it will be different. How? You are not alone. In my presence you will feel completely protected and safe. You will know instantly that you can tell me anything and that you won’t be judged, shamed or made to feel guilty. You will feel understood, perhaps for the first time in your life. And this is vital to your breakthrough, healing and freedom.

All the power of transformation, healing and freedom are within you. Therefore, your participation is required for transformation to occur. I simply shine a light on the limitations that are keeping you from fully connecting to and walking in the power you already possess. My role is to love you, receive you, tell you the truth and hold space for you to become. I call you to come forth from within. 

You, my love, are already good enough. We are not working to change you so much as to reveal you. Together we discover who you really are and what is holding you back, hidden and disconnected from the love and life you were always meant to have.

This is your investment, your journey and your outcome. I illuminate and facilitate, speeding up the process of your transformation by helping you quickly see your blind spots, navigate your internal roadblocks, bring closure to your past, create the future you truly want and support you in the process of getting there.

Healing and getting clear doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. Things can shift quickly. Frustration, disappointment and heartache can be transformed. You will no longer think that others, fate/happenstance or the mysterious “will of God” are keeping you from having what you desire. You are not bad, shameful, wrong or failing at life or at love

You will love again. You will have newfound confidence. You will be empowered in your body, life and relationships. 

You will come to understand God in a new and profoundly healing and freeing way. 

You are right where you need to be to become who you have always been. 

You will never be the same again. 

The true you is yet to be discovered, understood and loved by the most powerful and influential being over your destiny – YOU. And you are more than enough.

Work with me.