Poetry,  Soulmate Connections

Poem: Your Love

Your love is a fire my heart can’t contain.
Your love explodes my soul, pulses through my veins.

Your love lifts my spirit to the highest of heights.
Your love comforts my soul in the darkest

Your love runs deep like marrow to bone.
Your love reminds me I’m never alone.

I cannot be shaken.
With you I’m never forsaken.
Your love is my drug, my intoxication.

How can I go on living like this?!
Overwhelmed in the moment of true love’s kiss.

You’re everything I’ve wanted, been dreaming of.
You’re my angel from heaven, sent from above.
There is no end to our everlasting love.

Your heart is my cage and I am your dove.

My soul dances in the light of your face.
My soul expands in your limitless grace.
My soul unfolds in your warm embrace.

I’m running into the wide open space you created for me.

Our love is a story all the world will read.

And with this story, we’ll plant the seed…
Of love in their hearts and perhaps they’ll believe.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️