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Poem: Set My Captives Free

You told them they were broken.

You told them they were bruised.

You told them they weren’t good enough.

You told them they were used.

You told them they were shameful.

You told them they weren’t pure.

You told them about the sacrifices required if they wanted to be sure.

Sure that they were like you.

Sure that they were saved.

Sure that they belonged to your crowd while you dug them a six foot grave.

You smiled as if you loved them.

You smiled as if you cared.

But besides your Cheshire grin there was poison in the air.

I’m coming for the captives you’ve hidden in the fold.

I’m coming to rob the graves of the people you have sold.

I’m coming to the coffins.

I’m coming to your morgue.

There’s nothing you can do to stop me from shouting my deliverance cry.

I’m walking through your whitewashed walls, bringing your dead to life.

They came to you for comfort.

They came to you for love.

They came to you because you told them you were teaching them from above.

They came to be accepted.

They came to belong.

They came to find forgiveness and healing.

They came to find their song.

But rather than embrace them and wipe away their tears.

You told them to be perfect and played on all their fears.

Keys in hand, I’m on my way to set your captives free.

Free to live accepted.

Free to live beloved.

Free to know who they are.

That they have come here from above.

Free to embrace their desires.

Free to walk their path.

Free to be themselves from now on.

Freedom. Free at last.

The IN crowd, as you call it, was where they sought to belong;

Until they saw that the IN crowd had the whole thing all wrong.

It wasn’t about behavior.

It wasn’t about looks.

It wasn’t about performance or measuring up to a book.

It’s about love and acceptance and belonging.

It’s friendship and embrace.

It’s supporting and protecting.

It’s dancing in the rain.

It’s not about religion.

It’s not about what one does.

It’s who they ARE that matters.

And who they are is l.o.v.e.d.

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