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Poem: Let Love Heal

If I could tell you one thing today to heal your heart and make pain go away, I would tell you what I always say, “You are loved, my love.”

But I know what happens inside your head.

You hear it and for a millisecond hold it dear to your heart, but that is one millisecond before the grand jury starts.

They tell you from inside your head why you don’t deserve it and haven’t earned it and that your heart is quite dead.

In other words, it’s no use.

They give you every damned excuse as to why you’re unworthy of the love you desire, so as to protect you from being inspired – to believe in love, in a love that loves you – to receive this love all the way through all the prejudging you hold over You.

Love always says, “Never mind that now! I love you regardless and I’ll show you how.”

“No, no, no. Not today,” you say. “I haven’t earned it, you see and couldn’t possibly deserve it.”

“Who told you that lie, that you’re separate from love?

“Who told you you’re not worthy?”

As you look back over your life, you’ll see, it was you, over and over, who made this degree.

“Silence!” I cry to the lies in your head. They’ve kept you long enough on that lonely lovesick bed.

Arise, my darling, and see the truth – you can’t receive love until YOU love you.

Don’t you see how it has worked this whole time?

As long as you still don’t love you and think you’re not good enough for it to be true – not a love in the world could get past your guards that keep love away in a world called “someday.”

“TODAY!” I shout back, is the day of love. Not from a stranger or even from “above.”

It’s already within your heart, my dear.

But you must first unstop your ears.

You can’t hear the truth while you drown it out, with all of your excuses and all your self-doubt.

You’ll find your way home, I promise you this!

And love will be waiting with true love’s kiss.