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It’s You Baby.

Tell the people:

I love them.
I always have, I always will.

Remind the people:

I’m with them.
I’ve always been, I’ll always be.

I am for them.
I’ve always been, I’ll always be.

Teach the people:

I’ve given YOU all authority, power and access to all tangible and intangible, material and immaterial, spiritual and physical resources.

All that you’ve ever needed in order to have all you’ve ever wanted is and always has been within you.

The only limiting factor…I said the ONLY limiting factor is YOU – your beliefs and mindsets regarding all the aforementioned.

You see…you receive according to your belief, not according to My so-called ‘will’.

When you finally come to realize how simple the design and how truly unlimited you are, it is then that you awaken from the deep sleep of Adam and enter the eternal rest as the son of God.