Fear Insecurity Shame,  Poetry

I see you.

This is for someone special.

I see you in your hiding.
And I wrote this just for you.


Where are you hiding tonight?
Why won’t you come to the light?
Your secrets have you locked up inside.
And your heart cries
for freedom.

I know where you’re hiding tonight.
I know why you won’t come to the light.
I see how you’re locked up inside.
My heart cries

for freedom.

“Freedom!” to the captive.
“Sight!” to the blind.
“Bind up!” unto the broken.

Liberation transforms life.

This is why I came.
To free you from guilt and shame.
To this I give my life.
To free your soul from strife.

Come out of hiding.
Out of the shadows of shame.
Into the arms of my light.
And together we will set all things right.


Your soul guide. ✨