Heart-Centered Men,  Poetry,  The Journey Inward

Hi. I’m Colette.

Hey. Colette here. If you don’t know me…My passion is to share fundamental relational truths with men and women straight from the heart.

Plus, I know who the f*ck I am so you get all my goodness without weird “I need you to like me vibes.”

I am no ordinary girl. How boring would that be?! So I don’t run my life or business by traditional or popular means. I do what the f*ck I want, when the f*ck I want to.

And I’m good. Real good.
I’m always up to something. You know I am. You just may not always know what. And that’s ok because I’m safe. You can trust me. But you already know that.

My passion for men is to reconnect them to their heart, the bedrock of their identity so they can live fully confident in who they are and why they are here, so they can live on purpose and on point with their mission, wildly free men of power and deeply intimate lovers.

I long for women to embody true confidence, embrace and own their feminine sexuality and to live free, powerfully free, knowing it’s safe and secure to show up fully to life and to love and to cause their dreams to come true.

I want both men and women to know they have what it takes right now and that they are more than enough, more than worthy.

I write on a variety of things from sexuality to identity, confidence to love, freedom to spirituality and whatever else I want, and in a variety of ways from stories, to poetry, to abstract mysteries, to simple statements of truth, etc.

I prefer to share most of my lady love in the private group so we can explore anything and everything freely with curiosity and self-love. So join the group and the conversation ladies!

And I love to shout to men from the rooftops. Hence, this.

♥️ To my heart centered, radical lover men who secretly feel like something is still missing…♥️

Listen to these words.
Let them penetrate your soul and alas be heard.

I tell you TRUTH.
Until you awaken,
I’ll shout it from the roofs.

You are holy.
You are pure.
You are loved beyond words.
You are capable.
You are strong.
You are as loving as the night is long.

You are open.
Wide open.

I’m coming full force with this song.

Let me in lover.
Let me abide.
Into your secret place, deep inside.

I see you’ve forgotten to turn on the lights.

What’s that over there? A door?
Clearly unused.
Shut up with boards.

Oh don’t worry, I won’t hurt.
I’m coming into your forbidden world.

I know it’s color – it’s darkest black,
but darkness is only light in lack.

Look! I’ve found him.
Hidden in that room.
He’s beautiful through and through.

Look at his eyes.
Look at his heart.
He always been perfect right from the start.

Come with me, my love.
Climb into my heart.
It’s warm and cozy.
A work of pure art.

Holy hush, a lullaby.

A lion lays down within the lamb.

Sleep my love.
Eat your fill.
For when you truly awaken, the world will fall still.

Up from the silence as if from a grave.
You will arise to the shouts of my praise.


Awaken it my love.

You are magnificent. You are – bar none.

Holy. A holy seduction.

Restored in honor.
Restored in love.

Forget the former and run. Run. RUN.

Into your future present self, knowing you are enough.

From this day forward, doubting no more.
I beseech thee arise, spread your wings and soar.

Until we meet in the place where death sleeps,
I’ll behold who you came here to be.