Arise Man of Glory.

This 4 week private course will lead you deeper than you’ve ever been, allowing you to connect to who you truly are. You will draw that MAN out from the depths. The REAL you will emerge in power and in glory. 

True confidence will pulsate through your veins.

You will come forth confident like never before.

Holy passion will empower and compel you. 

You will come forth passionate and driven to succeed at whatever you desire.

The heat of intimacy will light your lovebed on fire. 

You will come forth deeply intimate, knowing that you enough to gravitate to you and satisfy the woman you desire. 

I made this course for you love.

This is for the man who:

Knows he is made for more.

Knows he has far greater potential that he’s been able to access.

Is ready to go to the next level in identity, ambition and intimacy.

Is finished with feeling less than, not good enough or incomplete.

Knows he cannot continue in the same frustrating state of living: uncertain and unfulfilled.

Longs to finally walk in total confidence, passionately full of purpose and deeply intimate with love.  


You are enough.

You are more than enough.

You are magnificent.

You are powerful.

You are sexy.

You are a REAL man.

I will remind you.


You’ve always been.

You have what it takes.

You’ve always known.

He always been there, deep inside. 

I will show you the way.


Confidence is yours.

No matter what has happened.

No matter what you’re currently experiencing.

No matter who you may think you are according to what you may have/haven’t done.

You can become the man you’ve always longed to be – confident and highly desirable.

I will teach you how to access the confidence you need.


Life will be meaningful and vibrant again.

Vigor and vitality are yours.

Passion and purpose are waiting to move powerfully through you.

No matter how you may feel, even if you feel nothing at all.

Your life longs to be driven by passion.

Passion empowers you to overcome any challenge and fulfill your calling. 

You already have what it takes.

I will show you.


You will understand true intimacy.

You will know how to deeply connect to love.

You will know how to please a woman.

You will know how to magnetize the beauty you desire.

You will know the ONE thing it takes to keep her satisfied.

You will know how to embody confidence through your masculine sexuality.

I will guide you.

True confidence lays the foundation for all that you wish to build in life and in love. 

This is the answer you’ve been looking for.


What to anticipate during this course… 

You will –

Be enveloped into my fiery love, a safe atmosphere in which to see what needs to be seen in order to shift what needs to shift.

Find your way back to who you truly are.

Be in the presence of wisdom, compassion and truth.

Feel understood, accepted and deeply known.

Have plenty of room to breathe. 

Encounter your greatness and will have a newfound passion for life.

Come alive with possibilities and re-awaken creative imagination.


You will experience –

Wholeness, healing and clarity.

The power of confidence pulsing through your body.

New levels of energy, vitality and vigor.

Deeper intimacy encompassing you and pursuing you.

This will change everything.

You will never be the same again. 

Week 1: Ignite True Confidence – Part 1

Audio Teaching: What is true confidence? Where does it come from? Accessing confidence, your innate masculine flow. Recognizing and overcoming internal obstacles that keep you from confidence. Finally answer the question, “Am I enough as a man?” What really makes you a man? Addressing inadequacies. Erasing all doubt.

Integration Meditation: Remembering who you are.

Going in Deeper – Questions to consider


Week 2: Ignite True Confidence – Part 2

Audio Teaching: How to shift back into confidence at any moment. Allowing confidence to empower you and move through you. The REAL you. Who is he? How does life work for him? How do people respond to him? Overcoming limitations. Your inner road map to connecting to and living from the REAL you. Addressing power and authority. Defining identity. This is the who.

Integration Meditation: Connecting to the REAL you.

Integration Mediation: Overcoming internal obstacles.

Going in Deeper – Questions to consider


Week 3: Unleash Your Passion

Audio Teaching: Unearthing and unleashing passion, energy, vigor and vitality. Experiencing creative, innovative, inspiration and feeling unlimited. Allowing passion to come through you. Keeping the flame of passion burning. Renewing your purpose and discovering your calling. Forming the vision, holding the vision, expanding the vision, maintaining the vision. Calling it all in. Recognizing what keeps you from success. Overcoming obstacles to success. Addressing motivation and inspiration. This is the what, when, where, why.

Integration Meditation: Connecting to passion.

Integration Meditation: Rekindling the flame.

Going in Deeper – Questions to consider


Week 4: Burn With Intimacy

Audio Teaching: What is intimacy? Confidence in intimacy. Intimacy and sex. Sex with/without intimacy. Embodied intimacy. Recognizing a woman who is open to intimacy. Attracting the woman you most desire. Knowing how to please her. Recognizing relational patterns. Reading female responses. Navigating relational drama. What do you want from a woman? Love and the heart. Sexual confidence. Recognizing and overcoming insecurity. Knowing how to really make love to a woman. What to do if you’re single. Self-satisfaction, doing it right. Moving sexual energy through your body.

Integration Meditation: Connecting to sexual confidence.

Integration Meditation: Connecting to intimacy and love from within.

Integration Meditation: Burning with intimacy – calling in the woman of your dreams.

Going in Deeper – Questions to consider



Private Online Course: Hearts On Fire

Time Frame:

4 weeks. Yours to keep. Complete at your own pace.

*Access to all Hearts On Fire upgrades for the life of the course. 


Weekly Modules

Access delivered via email

Includes: Audio Teachings, Activating and Integrating Meditations, Homework Questions for Going Deeper


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I can’t wait to see you on the inside.