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Fear is a Focus, Not a Fact.

I met a woman this past weekend. She had wild eyes, full of adventure, full of excitement – and full of fear. Clearly she had built a life for herself, and no one could deny her talents. But in that moment, she couldn’t see what they saw.

She confided in me that she’d been running her whole life – running away from falling, from failing, from not making it on her own.

And she ran damn hard, straight into the wall of fear, every time.

She was tenacious. She was strong. She was determined.

But in the quiet, in the stillness, she was haunted.

Fear had had its grip on her for as long as she could remember. She always thought if she could just get there, to the place where everything was okay, where she was making it, where things were finally settling down, that she could finally feel rest in her soul.

But that place of peace was always just beyond her reach.

Her wild eyes now deep and wide open, held my gaze.

And as I looked into them, I saw my own reflection. I knew the feeling. I knew the thoughts. I knew the fears.

I was suddenly aware of the undercurrent of my own story. Fear had had a way with me, too.

You see the thing about fear is that it shows up as logic, as facts, as calculations.

It shows up as memories of the past, of those times when you almost didn’t make it, or of those situations steeped in struggle.

If shows up as if it was a friend looking out for you, keeping you “safe.”

Fear is not your friend.

And fear is not your enemy, either.

Fear is a focal point that you have chosen to gaze upon with the eyes of your soul. And it has hypnotized you, mesmerized you with a possibility, with a story, with a very unhappy ending.

Turn your eyes away.

Listen to the sound of my voice.

Turn your eyes away.

To awaken is to come out of the trance of fear.

To awaken is to see fear for what it is, and for what it is not.

You’ve given fear a run for your money long enough.

Determine now to look into the eyes of love, gaze into a future without fear.

No matter how familiar it has become, it no longer serves you.

You may have run with drive and determination, away from the story of failing, of falling hard, flat on your face…and that drive to survive may have gotten you where you are today.

But running with fear underfoot can only take you so far.

You must relinquish its place to make room for what you really want.

You no longer want to just make it.

You want more.

You want deep peace and soul rest.

You want success and abundance.

You want freedom to create and to feel the joy of your creation.

You want to l.i.v.e. fully alive, with wild fearless eyes. Eyes that look into your future and laugh with delight.

And you want love.

To know love, to be loved and to be with the one you love, the one who loves you. Truly, madly, deeply.

And it is time.

It is time that you know it.

It is time that you feel it.

It is time that you possess it and are possessed by it.

But to have all this, you must make a choice.

You must decide.

And when you do – don’t ever look back.

Fear cannot go with you into this future. If you try to hold on to it, even just a little, you won’t be able get there, not fully and not freely.

It’s fear or love.

And you must choose.

Not once.

Every day. Every moment.

To TRUST. To believe in something you cannot see.

You already know how. I promise you do.

Every thought is rooted in faith. It’s just a matter of what you have put faith in, whether something desirable or undesirable. And you’ve used that thought to motivate towards or away.

But if you are motivated by fear, it can only give you more of itself, for that is all it has.

You have the ability and the power within you to choose.

Fear is not your master.

You master it by choosing to free yourself.

You free yourself by believing in a new story.

What if you are already safe, secure, making it?

What if everything is actually already okay?

And what if you have always been worthy of and unconditionally loved?

Look again.

You already are.


And loved means you’re safe, too.