I’m glad you’re here handsome.

My private consulting is exclusively for men who are longing to restore their true innate confidence, which directly effects all areas of their life.

My soulmate male clients feel a restored sense of power, authority and creative development in business relationships and endeavors. This restored confidence also has an immediate effect on all personal and romantic relationships, dramatically increasing intimacy and satisfaction as a manifestation of inner wholeness and connection.

My private client consulting facilitates the process of personal fulfillment as I interface one on one with deep and dynamic men to identify and shift internal blocks to fulfillment, success and love, and to design the life of their dreams.

My loves get clarity on who they are, what they want and what keeps them from it. (See Private Intimacy Consulting page to read more about this.)

The primary relationship of self is central to all my transformational and integrative consulting. I work on the basis of individual change begets relational change in all aspects.

My soulmate clients are ready to own their life and walk in their limitless power, even if they don’t quite know how.

In order to be fully present and of the highest good, I am committed to only working with men who are soulmate clients. To ensure we are a good fit, potential clients are evaluated individually before being offered an invite to my private consulting program.

Evaluation does not guarantee acceptance. I only accept a limited amount of clients in order to preserve the integrity of all of my work, including my passion for writing and healing resource development.

If you would like to request an application for evaluation, please email: inquiry@colettemilazzo.com.

You are undeniable worthy of love and the life you desire. Always.