I’m glad you’re here handsome.

My private relationship consulting and confidence coaching facilitates the process of personal fulfillment as I interface one on one with deep and dynamic men to identify and shift internal blocks to fulfillment, success and love, and to design the life of their dreams.

My loves get clarity on who they are, what they want, what has kept them from it and how to overcome the resistance. (See Private Intimacy Consulting page to learn more about this process.)

How about you love? Do you seem to be stuck? Are you experiencing the frustration of a recurring unwanted pattern? Are you tired of feeling held back by internal or external resistance to the life you know you were made for?

Clients often come to me when they have exhausted their own efforts to find the solution and fix the problem they are experiencing in their desired relationship or with their own personal growth and development. These gorgeous soulful men long to move through life with a restored sense of their true innate confidence, which directly effects all areas of their life – and they know it.

Whether you are looking for that special someone, wanting to heal or improve your current relationship or are simply longing to have peace so you can move forward in power – resistance is no match for you. The answers are within you – together we discover them, uncover them and resurrect your glorious being so you can do what you came here to do!

Aside from finally making sense of their relationships and ways of relating, my clients feel a restored sense of power, authority and creative development in business relationships and endeavors. This restored confidence naturally has an effect on all personal and romantic relationships, dramatically increasing intimacy and satisfaction as a manifestation of inner wholeness and connection.

The primary relationship of self is central to all my transformational and integrative sessions. I work on the basis of individual change begets relational change in all aspects. In other words, when you understand who you are, why you are doing what you are doing, why you are getting the results you are getting, etc., you can then make sense of why others are responding to you the way they are and how all of this can change in order for you to achieve your desired outcomes.

I LOVE my clients because…

They are ready and willing to own their life and walk in their limitless power, even if they don’t quite know how yet.

They are ready and willing to be open to new thoughts and new ways of looking at things.

They are ready and willing to see, to own, to decide and to take action.

What I believe about my clients…

They have a unique story and calling, and it is my distinct honor and privilege to work with them.

They are good-hearted men who long to unleash their goodness into the world through positions of power and influence.

They are incredible, wonderful, thoughtful, hard-working and committed.

Oftentimes, my clients are hurting or struggling and don’t have anyone to share openly with about their Achilles‘ heel. This area often causes these men to experience deep shame, regret, failure or fear. The joy, freedom and strength that comes from overcoming these internal obstacles is beyond words. Men literally get their lives back.

If you would like to request an application for private consulting/coaching, please email: inquiry@colettemilazzo.com.

You are undeniable worthy of love and the life you desire. Always.