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    Hi. I’m Colette.

    Hey. Colette here. If you don’t know me…My passion is to share fundamental relational truths with men and women straight from the heart. Plus, I know who the f*ck I am so you get all my goodness without weird “I need you to like me vibes.” I am no ordinary girl. How boring would that be?! So I don’t run my life or business by traditional or popular means. I do what the f*ck I want, when the f*ck I want to. And I’m good. Real good.I’m always up to something. You know I am. You just may not always know what. And that’s ok because I’m safe. You can…

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    A Lover’s Poem

      I give you my life. I lay myself down. Even this bed of roses, Can’t handle the sound. I don your beautiful head with my very own crown. O lover, love on.Keep on loving beyond the breaking of dawn. Your soul is a river my soul knows well.Our love is a secret I love to tell. I’m swept by your current.I drown in your deep.I come to full consciousness, even while we sleep. You’re wide open spaces,I love to explore.I’m tightly hidden spaces,Your mystery, all the more.

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    My Heart – Our Spiritual Bed

    Do you ever write something and start to feel all hot and heavy, warm and tingly, w…ait. No, that’s probably just me. This one is pure honey 🍯 Enjoy. 😘   My heart is our spiritual bed. I tell them. What does love look like there? They ask. Reluctant to share my secrets, I answer:Surrender. My full surrender. I tell them. Not the surrender of body – anyone could give that…And not surrender as if to be dominated or taken – no, that is resignation… What is this spiritual surrender? They press me harder. And so it begins. It’s surrender to his love.Surrender to his exploration.Surrender to his touch. I resist…

  • Fear Insecurity Shame,  Poetry

    I see you.

    This is for someone special. I see you in your hiding.And I wrote this just for you. ✨✨✨ Where are you hiding tonight?Why won’t you come to the light?Your secrets have you locked up inside.And your heart criesfor freedom. I know where you’re hiding tonight.I know why you won’t come to the light.I see how you’re locked up inside.My heart cries for freedom. “Freedom!” to the captive.“Sight!” to the blind.“Bind up!” unto the broken. Liberation transforms life. This is why I came.To free you from guilt and shame.To this I give my life.To free your soul from strife. Come out of hiding.Out of the shadows of shame.Into the arms of…

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    Poem: Your Love

      Your love is a fire my heart can’t contain.Your love explodes my soul, pulses through my veins. Your love lifts my spirit to the highest of heights.Your love comforts my soul in the darkestnights. Your love runs deep like marrow to bone.Your love reminds me I’m never alone. I cannot be shaken.With you I’m never forsaken.Your love is my drug, my intoxication. How can I go on living like this?!Overwhelmed in the moment of true love’s kiss. You’re everything I’ve wanted, been dreaming of.You’re my angel from heaven, sent from above.There is no end to our everlasting love. Your heart is my cage and I am your dove. My…

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    Poem: Let Love Heal

    If I could tell you one thing today to heal your heart and make pain go away, I would tell you what I always say, “You are loved, my love.” But I know what happens inside your head. You hear it and for a millisecond hold it dear to your heart, but that is one millisecond before the grand jury starts. They tell you from inside your head why you don’t deserve it and haven’t earned it and that your heart is quite dead. In other words, it’s no use. They give you every damned excuse as to why you’re unworthy of the love you desire, so as to protect…

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    Poem: Set My Captives Free

    You told them they were broken. You told them they were bruised. You told them they weren’t good enough. You told them they were used. You told them they were shameful. You told them they weren’t pure. You told them about the sacrifices required if they wanted to be sure. Sure that they were like you. Sure that they were saved. Sure that they belonged to your crowd while you dug them a six foot grave. You smiled as if you loved them. You smiled as if you cared. But besides your Cheshire grin there was poison in the air. I’m coming for the captives you’ve hidden in the fold.…