Spirituality and God

Be here on purpose. because. you. are.

You are not an afterthought.

You were not simply an evolution of creation.

You were not a happenstance of the process of reproduction in the human experiment.

You were in the mind and heart of God before the world was ever manifest in the so-called physical.

You were always meant to be here to bring your light, presence and unique expression to all of us.

This grand puzzle in the making is not and cannot be complete without you.

And those who don’t see that about you have truly never seen it about themselves.

Quite simply, the more one knows their own healing, love, acceptance, power, position, place, purpose…the more welcoming they will be of yours and of others’.

For they will realize the end of life as a competition with the threat of scarcity and limitation and the beginning of life where there is always more than enough, where each has always been highly valued and the limitlessness of possibilities at the fingertips of ones belief.

So then life becomes a game, a joyful and fun adventure of dreaming and discovery…of actualizing imaginations and expressing our own created futures in a world where nothing is impossible for them that believe.