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All Things Are Yours

In the end, it all comes back to love.

The reality that you are and always have been unequivocally l.o.v.e.d.

Here is the cycle of life if you choose to allow it:

All things are yours.
You are never separate from your desires.
Releasing leads to receiving them.
Receiving them leads to releasing.
And in the end, all that ever mattered in all of it is love.
Love is the beginning and the end of all things.
The end…

Life is an unfolding of the undoing.

Everything is in the process of returning. We are all in the transition back to the beginning.

We never really lose anything or anyone. For all things return as we do, if we allow them to.

The more we hold onto people, places, positions and things, the further they drift on the sea of separation.

The tighter we grip, the further they slip.

If all things are already ours, then it is only our perception of separation that creates the manifestation of distance between us and all that we desire.

When we perceive ourselves to be separate from our desires, then we are.

But as we shift our perception to being one with all the things – that there is no gap in time or space – we draw those things to ourselves.

Your desires are pure if you are. And you are if you believe you are.

Lack is a choice. Lack is a mindset. Lack is the belief that things (time, money, jobs/opportunities, men/women, etc.) are running out. (i.e. scarcity)

All darkness is lack. And therefore, all lack is rooted in darkness.

If you are in lack, trace it back.

Trace it back to your beliefs around what it is you perceive you lack.

Lack always begets lack. Not enough always begets not enough.

You will perpetuate that which you authenticate. 
You authenticate that which you deliberate.
You deliberate that which you don’t deactivate.

All thoughts lead to beliefs and all beliefs regurgitate thoughts continually.

Bringing these thoughts into awareness is the only way to assess their validity.

To not be aware is to be blind even while possessing sight.

Our eyes only perceive what we already think we see.

All thoughts and beliefs must be set against the backdrop of truth, exposing them as impostors or substantiating their claims.

At the core of every thought and belief is a simple statement of identity and worth. It is always ever for you or opposed to you.

YOU are the quintessential expression of perfection until you believe otherwise.

YOU are born perfectly and unequivocally the Divine expression of love – worthy of love and therefore of all things. That is until you believe otherwise.

Once you enter a belief regarding your dispositionary lack, you will simultaneously shift your experience of reality to ensure that you are right.

For we are always right, are we not? That is until we are wrong, and then we shift again.

You are that powerful.

You are always manifesting your core beliefs.

And every outcome you are currently experiencing is rooted in a belief you hold about yourself, your nature, your worth, your abilities.

So the UNDOING is the undoing of all the limiting beliefs that separate your perception of you from quintessential YOU.

You are a creator by nature/birth.

You determine how easy or how hard life is for you by creating the story of the world you live in.

So let. it. be. easy.


As long as you are resisting the life and circumstances you despise, you are not positioning yourself to be allowing the desires of your heart to be fulfilled.

Prayer is not asking God for something and leaving it up to Him to determined whether or not you should/can have it.

Rather, prayer is aligning with the TRUTH that always already has been true.

It is the process by which we release the long held beliefs of lack and limitation about who we are, what we are worthy of and if we can access those things in this life.

Let the stripping begin.