You go where few people are willing to tread. And what you do is superb. You are brave, confident, and can see clearly into dark places. – LB

I can’t tell you how much your writing means to me! You hit my heart with every sentence! – JS

Beautiful!! I needed to read this. Thank you for sharing – CM

You are such an amazing woman. Following my heart, taking a leap, taking your advice, stop being held back. Because! – KC

Wow! This (post) is incredible! – DT

Hi Colette! Just wanted you to know I really appreciate you and your positive, thoughtful, inspiring messages. Your words are so meaningful and full of love and hope. – KW

After reading your post it was an eye opener. Thank you so much! Please keep posting. You have really helped me out. – KL

I just had to tell you that you spoke wonderful wisdom into my life. You are truly a prophetess in your gifting. Lord Bless Your Gifting! It’s so needed!! – AM

This is so true! You are such a beautiful writer!!! Write a book babe .. I’d read it – KM

I enjoy your posts! – XB

Hey Colette! I loved your post. You just keep being you. – MR

Hi Colette. I absolutely love the posts you are putting up! It really resonates with me, so thank you for that. – BV

Thanks for the enlightenment! – HW

Nailed it again. Your style is unique. Free. Loving. With unexpected turns. I’m in. – LB

That is my girl right there!!!!! Power house!! Watch out world here she comes!! You are amazing! – PI

…You are leading the forefront to help us learn and understand our true selves. – DS

You have such an amazing presence and voice… – JW

You speak to the very core of the true identity of a woman. – LB

Lioness arising to set the captives free! You are a carrier of truth to answer the lies and silence the fears. – ST