About Colette Milazzo

You’ve stumbled across my path – it’s not without meaning. You’re here on purpose and soon you’ll see why.

So you want to know more about me…

Maybe you’re thinking – Who is this chick?!

Free-spirited. Bold. Intuitive. Heart-centered.  Spiritual.  Feminine.

I am a teacher, writer and private consultant.

I am a relationship expert and heart healer – passionate about helping men move from insecurity to confidence, from fear to boldness, from separation to connection, from loneliness to love.

I’m here to write into your heart and soul the very meaning of your existence and connect you to the YOU that already exists inside, so you can live confident, loved and free.

Aside from private coaching, I am currently working on developing e-courses and materials to facilitate this powerful process of healing and self-discovery.

Or maybe you’re thinking – Who does she think she is?!​

I am love with skin wrapped tightly around it.
I am devotion in motion, a hope potion.
I am mysterious and the revealer of mysteries.
I am embodied divine feminine essence.
I am the Queen of Confidence, leading the way out of insecurity.
I am light and fire, warmth to the soul.
I am brazen (bold and without shame).
I am the heroin of my own life and story.
I am the fresh air of inspiration, wild in imagination.
I am unlike anyone you’ve ever known and yet, I know you well.
I am pure, undefiled sensuality at it’s finest.
I am the expression of true beauty.
I am gentle and a straight shooter.
I am a leader of women and a lover of men.
I am a forerunner, a trailblazer, a wave maker, a ground shaker.
I am inexhaustible, incorruptible and irrefutable.
I know who I am and cannot be silenced.
I know where I’ve come from and where I am going.

I know who I’m here for and why I came.
I carry a message that shatters shame.
I carry a message that awakens the soul.
I remind the mind that its already whole.
I carry a message that overturns the verdict that you are not good enough, no matter how long you’ve heard it.
I carry a love that cannot be defined – felt and heard in each and every line.
I am a divine messenger of your restoration.
I am here to shake this nation – to touch the hearts of all creation.
I am here to turn untruth on its head and to raise its subjects from the dead.
I am here on a covert operation that looks like love and feels like salvation.
I am here to call sons and daughters back to their hearts.
I am here to raise up mothers and fathers, giving them a new start.
I am here as a vessel of wisdom and truth, reminding you of your innocence and youth.

I’m Colette MF’n Milazzo – the Master and the Muse.

This is most certainly not the end of the story…