About Colette Milazzo

You’ve stumbled across my path – it’s not without meaning. You’re here on purpose and soon you’ll see why.

Hello love.

I’m so honored that you are here. 

I am a author, artist and entertainer. I am a spiritual student and teacher, a relationship expert and heart healer. I was caught up into a love affair with this work after many years of studying personal growth & development. Always having been intuitive to the heart and soul, it was a natural fit for me to teach what my heart now overflows with love for – you. 

My passion and intention is that you could come to truly know yourself, be freed from limitations and expectations, boldly and confidently display your magnificence and share your gifts with the world – that you may be full of joy, confident and free.

Some of my favorite topics are relationships and confidence, but as you may already know, I have a lot to say on all the things.

Relationships because I believe we are in relationship with (relating to) everything and everyone around us – all directly mirroring our relationship to our Self. This is without exception. 

Confidence because I believe it is key to the success and fulfillment of relationships and it directly affects every aspect of how, when and why we relate the way we do in all areas of life. 

Colette loves exposing BS BS (bullshit belief systems) that keep people from seeing who they really are and from the life they desire and deserve. She also loves to break things down, simplifying the spiritual and scientific laws/concepts that govern our lives, showing why we do what we do and how to get what we really want. She strikes hearts with her wisdom and love, sharing straight from her soul through her books, online teachings, in-depth private e-courses, speaking engagements and her prolific, thought-provoking blog posts. 

As a multi-passionate creator, Colette also enjoys the expressionist arts of directing editorial photo-shoots, costume hair and makeup design. Her unending love of learning inspires her to continue studying neuroscience, quantum physics, all things faith and spirituality including metaphysics, mysticism and Christ consciousness. 

Aside from all of that – Colette is a lover of God and the truth that sets us free. 

This is most certainly not the end of the story…