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A Smoking Gun

The age of women looking at men to validate them is over.

It’s mother f*cking over.

And what’s more?

The age of woman playing the whore is no more.

Keep reading to see what’s in store. 


When women finally see that they have always been free – everything will change.

When women rise up knowing who the fuck they are – everything will change.

When women stop depending on men to give them a sense of value and worth and then punishing the men when they don’t or when they hurt – everything will change.

When women stop giving themselves away for security and provision – everything will change.

When women start seeing that they don’t need to buy into the survival lie – everything will change.

When women believe they can make it, abundantly at that – everything will change.

When women realize they don’t have to fight for it, work for it, look or search for it – everything will change.

When women see their value and their worth for what it really is – everything will change.

When women realize they are the mother fucking shit – everything will change.

Men who don’t get them will simply fall away.

Men who see them will rise the f*ck up.

Men who understand what’s hidden within them know the way in.

Men who are likewise the mother f*cking shit know how to handle her kind of b*tch.

She’s not mad. 
She’s not fighting. 
She’s not arrogant or tough. 
She’s not insecure or energetically rough.

She’s holy. 
She’s pure. 
She’s aligned and she’s sure.

She knows who she is and what she can have.

She sees the hearts of real men and honors their stance.

She’s over the bullshit. 
She quit the game. 
She stopped playing small, competing for fame.

She left the flock of insecure hoes who prostitute their souls, men and women both.

She left the dogma that her worth was her mind. 
She left the dogma that she was as good as she was kind.

She opened her focus and saw a great light and decided from this moment to no longer fight for her rights.

She just finally believed. 
She just finally owned them. 
She just finally stopped blaming others. 
She took responsibility for who the fuck she BE.

She doesn’t giving a f*ck what others think anymore.

She feels like herself again and doesn’t keep score.

She’s the most gentle and loving of her kind, yet she takes no shit and knows she’s hella fine.

She gets her head straight and honors herself and no longer depends on anyone else to meet her needs.

Not because she doesn’t want a man in her life, it’s just that she ain’t gonna settle for what’s no longer aligned.

When she gets that she determines her worth, the chess game of sex takes a whole new turn.

No longer is sex a means to an end.

To secure her lifestyle she no longer bends – over.

F*ck that shit.

It’s gonna happen real quick.

When the women realize they’ve given themselves the short end of the stick.

They will awaken to how they were sorely mistaken.

When they no longer sell out, the earth will start quaking.


The men who embody their value and worth delight to see her realize her glory.

But the men who’ve been blind as f*ck will stand in awe as she rises up.

Not cuz they see her, but because she doesn’t “work” the way she used to.

Their game is now lame. 

They can’t find their way into her million dollar pussy.

Bewildered they stand with their dick in their hands searching for answers in no man’s land.


The wave of revival is washing away the dirt and the shame of the lowest of lows, this current sex game.


Checkmate bitch. 
I ain’t no trick. 
I’m the mother f*cking shit.

I know who I AM. 

Do you?

Show me. 
Show up for yourself. 
Stop faking it for everyone else to see your worth.

This battle ain’t against flesh and blood, but lies and bullshit knee deep in the mud.

Fling that shit off and open your eyes.

Woman of worth. 
It’s time to arise.

Arise in your glory. 
Arise in your light.

Arise to meet a real man’s eyes.


He sees who you are and honors your name because he first learned to do the same.

He takes no shit. 
He uplevels his worth. 
He rides like a knight, a sexy beast, a wild horse.

Hmmm glory.

He tastes so good.


You’d never go back to sex out the hood.
I’m not talking money, location or race.
I’m talking something that the material can’t replace.


A man who’s connected to his worth is man indeed.
He’s my kind of church. Hallelujah. 
I just got born again when I came in his presence.

Can I get an amen!

🎤 ⤵️