The Journey Inward

You don’t have light. You are light.

Enlightenment is the state of perceiving without limitation.

Enlightenment is an open posture to all that is possible, which allows your soul to extend beyond all perceived boundaries.

You were created to live in this optimal state of existence in which you are the creator of your world and the definer of your destiny.

To be enlightened is to see without obstruction.

All obstruction is rooted in limitation: I can’t have, be, do because I am not…allowed to, worthy, deserving, ______enough (good, smart, rich, pretty, successful, educated, etc).

All limitation is rooted in judgement and all judgment begins within our own definition of what is good and what is bad, what is expected and accepted, and what is not.

Take the f*cking limits offs.

(If you feel that is too vulgar/if you are triggered by it – you especially need to reread this because you still don’t get it…when you deem that word to carry so much weight/value in a negative sense, you are now limited in your ability to hear, see, and receive without obstruction because of judgment.)

YOU locked the limits in place by agreeing with the stories surrounding them.

Wake up sleeping beauty.

You are writing the story of your life.

You are determining the way things go or don’t go for you.

It ain’t your momma or daddy.

It ain’t your problems or your circumstances.

It’s the fact that YOU agree with whatever you perceive to be true for you. And your perception is determined by your reflection.

You hold all the power in your world to rewrite the story you’re living in. Period.

The End. is the beginning.

*Image of Expansion, statue by the Artist Paige Bradley.