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⚠️WARNING: Gold-Digger Trigger ⚠️

This is some good shit! And it’s long AF.

Hey – we don’t complain about you being too long/too much all at once, do we? I didn’t think so.

You can take it.


This gets me real feisty and fiery and a lot of other things that I probably shouldn’t mention, but they will probably happen to you, too. So it will be our little secret.🔥

I want to talk about men who treat sex the same way they treat their finances. Tight fisted as fuck.

I can hear the disgruntled ones mumbling something about women always wanting money.

It’s not about the goddamn money!

(There ARE women out there who are after your money. Let’s be real. But they are not even really after your money either. They are scared/insecure deep down and think if they have money, your provision, they will be secure in themselves and in life – total BsBs – bullshit belief system.)

Men – don’t f*cking show up to sex looking to satisfy yourself, good god. And don’t f*cking show up to sex looking to satisfy a woman to remind yourself of what you don’t even believe (that you are good enough, wanted, winning in life, a Man).

She is not that impressed by your anatomy, not in the way you think she is (but be proud of that glorious member, ALWAYS).

She is not that impressed by how you can get into that groove with your moves (but don’t stop – keep her coming.)

She is not that impressed by the way you can keep multiple zones engaged at the same time (definitely a good thing).

Listen. You can f*cking do all the right things, you can show up to sex and get in the program of doing what your body knows to do because you’ve done it before many times. Ready set go. 🚦

And she is not that impressed that you are an experienced lover – should the term be sexer?

Even if you DO love her, IF YOU HAVEN’T DEALT WITH YOUR OWN IDENTITY your love for her will NOT (even if you think it is) be the driving force behind your thrust.

I hear it all the time. Men flip the switch of their sexuality and “satisfy” a woman which makes them feel real good about themselves, reminds them they are a man, that they still have it, that they are still so fucking desirable.


You are fooling yourself.
She is fooling herself with you.
You’re both fooled in your fooling around.

How does this relate to finances?
Glad you asked.

The way you act with money IS how you act with sex.

Because you act according to who you think you are.

And you are always doing what THAT man does because of what he wants and how he thinks the world works to GET what he wants. And if he is all about ‘just enough’ to get the job done because he lives in resource conservation (opposite of abundance)….then…

When you had sex with her, what did you give that was for her benefit?

An orgasm? She can get that shit from any man.

Let’s be real. She can get that WITHOUT a man.

And the orgasms she has with you, she got most of those herself because what you were doing when you were doing all the right things WASN’T going to cut it.

She was likely thinking, “okay he’s trying real hard…but it’s not going to put me over” so she flexed certain muscles, got on top perhaps…oh you thought that was for your viewing pleasure? No. She needed the extra friction and multi-zone action that wasn’t happening the way you were thinking it was…because your focus in sex is WAY TOO NARROW.

Open it up wider. Expand your focus to see the bigger picture. (You can only expand your vision to the extent that you can see yourself for who you really are.)

You want to impress a woman? Penetrate her deeper, way deeper than that.

Penetrate her heart. (I lost some of you thinking – “Why? For what? I’m having a good time over here…” Thank you for proving my point.)

Back to her heart.

Yes, it opens just like her lips part to receive you…you don’t just shove your way in when you want to. And it responds similar to what you already are familiar with…blood rushes, she swells, she softens, she moistens, yes her heart can even O…my god can it! She…does it all, and quite fantastically.

You don’t get in that shit by being suave.
You don’t get in that shit by being sexy.
You don’t get in that shit by being nice.
You don’t get in that shit by being hard.
You certainly don’t get in that shit by default of the fact that she’s naked and engaging sexually with you.

How does this relate to finances again?

When a man doesn’t understand the concept of sowing and reaping…

When a man will take for FREE what FEEDS his body or mind or soul…

Oh shit.

When a man will eat for free at the expense of the generosity of someone else…

And come back for another meal….
And another meal…
And grow stronger because of the good food he’s eating…

And not sow into the hand that fed him…

Mm mm mmmm.

And sex?

He shows up the same way.

DON’T for one second think that you “giving” her an orgasm was generous on your part.

SHE was generous by giving you access to HER honey pot! And you don’t even know the real treasure chest she’s got up in there.

And you ate.
And ate.

And fed your sexual appetite…
And fed your ego (reminded yourself that you were a man)…

Generosity is recognizing the value of what is before you. AND WHEN YOU DO, your soul compels you to come equal to the table you feast at.

I’m not f*cking talking about money (and at the same time, I am).

She doesn’t want your money. You don’t pay her for sex. (That’s a different situation – we can talk about why you do that some other time.)

She wants something MUCH more valuable…

When a man sees a woman’s worth and NOT for his benefit or gain but BECAUSE SHE IS SO F*CKING WORTHY, he is compelled to honor her with monetary means, provisional means.


Unless he’s scared.
Unless he’s insecure.
Unless he is stingy.

What is stingy? It’s not sowing generously because you think that to release your resource is to decrease. You’re right and wrong.

Don’t tell her she’s beautiful and then withhold from her. Don’t tell her how much you enjoy her, love her, want her, need her and withhold.

She doesn’t want to take (“need”) your money/time/soul access BUT SHE DAMN WELL DESERVES IT.

Do you know why a woman wanting more from you (you to open your heart and your wallet) triggers you, makes you uncomfortable, angers you even?

You don’t want her to get to it because –
1. You fear she will take you for it
2. You fear you will not be able to win in that arena (keep it up, keep it coming, keep her happy)

Why does this trigger you? Because your identity is tied to your money (success/ability to provide) just like your identity is tied to how well you can fuck (impress/please).

And what about those of you who throw your money at women??? You think I’m not talking to you?

You may give her whatever she wants financially. But you withhold what she really wants and what is of greater value and what she truly deserves. AND SHE KNOWS IT. And she’s also holding out her goods (something far more delicious than her body) for the man who understands.

You may only play in the arena you know you can win.
You may only give what is necessary to ensure that win for yourself.

But a man who knows who he is gives generously from the SOUL and thus in every way because he knows the way to really impress a woman is to meet her on THAT level. And to get THERE he has to get there within himself first.

This means he has to overcome the many things he thinks he is or or thinks he is not.

all his insecurities
all the self-doubt
all his failures
all his fears

in order to become the man he truly IS – a man worthy AF.

And when you know who you are and your identity is not tied to your money or tied to your success or tied to your sexual prowess…when your identity is tied to nothing but who you are…

Then nothing outside of you can diminish you. In fact, it can’t REALLY increase you either.

It can only REVEAL you.

When you know who you are, you don’t fear loss materially or emotionally. You KNOW you cannot be taken from because you cannot be diminished.

Your generosity only increases you.
Your generosity only increases you.
Your generosity of soul and spirit and finances and time can only increase you.

This is the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

And it has been working in your sex life the same way it has been in your finances…

Intimacy is true generosity.

What’s hidden in her soul is worth more than gold.

But do you know it?

What’s hidden within her is a sure return on ANY investment. But you won’t know if you don’t sow – richly.

If you give only to the level of what is required, you will reap only that which is required.

That is a far cry from abundance.

Do you know why you stay in the natural when it comes to sex? Because you know how to “win” in that arena.

Do you know why you keep it all about the physical pleasure? Because you don’t know that you will win in the other arena(s).

If you won’t show up to find her it’s because you have yet to find yourself.

Do that and everything will change.

The man who KNOWS his own worth would give every last dime of his heart and $ to a woman who KNOWS her worth because the return far exceeds the investment. He is a wise man indeed and deserves his handsome reward.


You haven’t met a woman like that?
I have.
You haven’t met a man like that?
I have.

A man of worth can see the pearl and buys the whole damn field.

A man who knows nothing of worth sells the fucking field. 🎤⬇️

My Fiery Love.



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