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Private Education

My Private Ed Courses are the next best thing to having one on one sessions with me. 

I walk you into the world of your heart as you learn the truth about who you truly are. From that place, you become empowered in your innate masculine flow. 

You will learn the source of true confidence, energy and wisdom. You will learn to move powerfully in that confidence, which transforms how you show up to life, and more than that – how life shows up for you. 

Overcome the internal obstacles that keep you from winning in life and in love. 

Reclaim your magnetic, desirable essence. 



Confidence directly effects all areas of a man’s life.

My private consulting is exclusively for men who are longing to restore their true innate confidence, which directly affects all areas of their life.

Do you feel like the confidence you once had is slipping away?

Do you long to feel empowered and alive again?

My private consulting program facilitates the process of personal fulfillment with deep and dynamic men.

Together we identify and shift internal blocks to fulfillment, success and love.